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D Bryant Designer Group

Team Members


Making Dreams Come True

This was my dream come to reality. The creation of a weddings and events company with the creative edge and client services as priority one. I have exceeded that with the creation of a full service flower shop and art gallery.

My designers and I are always looking for ways to create magic within a budget that is good for everyone.

Our goal is to exceed all expectations!

I offer you my personal guarantee to use only the freshest products available and to always be on the cutting edge of floral artistry.

David A. Bryant, MA
Founder & Master Designer

Turning a Vision into Reality

Michael is our lead designer with many years experience in the industry in client services. Michael has a unique twist to his design skills. Classically trained in Europe with a very unique style.

His knowledge of freshness and availability are key components to turning your vision into reality.

Michael Van Bruggen
Lead Designer

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Detail is Daniel's strongest trait as a designer. Nothing leaves his design table without a careful inspection to make sure everything is just perfect. 

Daniel Dunn
Co-Founder & Designer

Attention to Detail and Being on Point

Mac's primary function is to make sure we look like the professionals we are.

He schedules the staff to install on time to your specifications and to make sure it is removed in a timely manner.

He is the eyes of our company making sure everything is perfect for your special day.

Mac Mc Lane

Operations Manager & Marketing

dave and jane.jpg

A Professional Officiant

We offer 2 officiants on staff for any wedding ceremony type. Their services are always customized to your needs.

Jane Bernstein


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