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The Big Picture

The Big Picture....or How We Envision Things...

Often times a bride and groom stop in with an idea or two of how they want their special day to go.  They have generally covered who is coming, who is doing what and where the event is to be held. That is when the roadblock happens. They no idea of how they want things to look and feel.  This is where we shine!  I always ask key questions during the consultation process, what colors do you like? What style are you casual or formal? What special memory would you like to take from the event to live forever?

After I ask the hard questions I listen and learn just what we need to do to create a day that will live forever in their minds but especially in their hearts.

I have assembled below a few galleries of past events that are very special to us also. If you like these ideas please take them and we will customize them just for you! Please enjoy...

A Trip Into The Realm Of Game Of Thrones

Austin and Ali's Country Club Classic Wedding

Landon and Alexia Tropical Fantasy Wedding