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Turning Dreams Into Reality

We at D Bryant Designer Group take that statement seriously.

Our wedding couples are always first in every thought in planning their special day. When I meet with them for the first time I like to get a "feel" for them personally. The body language and general style tells me a lot about them. I always try to put them at ease by being very casual and welcoming. I conduct my consultations in our design/workroom. We have a no walls policy allowing clients to see everything we do and have to work with. I always ask some questions that will give me a better feeling as to their style and dreams.

I always ask whats your dream wedding day like? What styles and colors appeal to you? I get all the basic information then it's time to really listen to the couple and occasionally mothers too. I always take into account what everyone has to say and how they feel about something.

I like to feel we make friends not just clients in this portion of the industry. I want them to feel comfortable about asking anything and to not be afraid to change things too. I always start with a wish list for the wedding and a general idea of the budget. I never focus on the money end at the start. I have learned most couples like to smell the flowers and see the beauty before the cost.

This is the first installment in what I hope to be a series of chats about "Turning Dreams Into Reality".

Opulent blooms and a circular altar create a moment of magic at any wedding.
A ceremony setting fit for a King and Queen.

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